Advanced Technical Services

Build and secure your large data: IT security, computational science, system administration, architecture, and engineering.


The Institute for CyberScience is building an Engagement Team that includes an ACI-REF (Advanced CyberInfrastructure - Research and Education Facilitators).

Advanced Software

Penn State offers its users with access to certain Advanced Software programming, including SSPS, MATLAB, and Materials Studio. 


Computational and Spatial Analysis Core

The Computational and Spatial Analysis (CSA) core provides research support services at all stages of the funded research cycle. Researchers are able to select from a wide variety of services that suit their specific needs ranging from utilizing only a single service to having a core member on the project team for the entire duration of the project.

Geographic Information Systems

The Computational and Spatial Analysis Core can help researchers to incorporate geographic information into research in creative and cutting-edge ways.

High Performance Computing on ICDS-ACI

The Institute for Computational and Data Sciences provides high-performance computing solutions through the Advanced CyberInfrastructure (ICDS-ACI) system.

High Throughput Computing on ICS-ACI

The Institute for CyberScience provides high-throughput computing solutions through the Advanced CyberInfrastructure (ICS-ACI) system.

IT Security Services

The Office of Information Security (OIS) establishes, implements, and maintains a University-wide security program.

Materials Computation Center

The Materials Computation Center's (MCC) primary aim is to support Penn State faculty working in computer-based simulations of materials across various length and time scales.

Programming Resources

Penn State provides programmers with a rich variety of resources to help them start their learning path or maintain the skills they already have. 

RISE: Computational Research Consulting

RISE: Computational Research Consulting services is a team of computational scientists and software engineers who combine knowledge of a particular domain with software engineering and HPC experie

Systems Administration and Security

Researchers often need to run servers, clusters, or groups of desktop and laptop computers as a core part of their research projects. These computational resources should be professionally administered, particularly with respect to IT Security.

Service Categories